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Our mission is to help companies export and import in a safe and secure way, we will help you find the best deal, we will
ease the complexity of export documentation and regulations, and we will negotiate on your behalf the shipping with maritime companies.


intl trade consulting

Intl trade consulting (ITC) is a Canadian based company specializing in international trade, with our comprehensive B2B services, we can help your company thrive and navigate safely through the complex world of import and export.

implementing the highest standards of excellence in our operations, we have nurtured our capabilities and we are sure we will bring advantages and opportunities to your company.

High Quality


Good Communication

Navigating Global Trade
with Precision and Trust.

why choose us?

intl trade consulting

With more than 15 years of experience in international trade and as a licensed Customs broker in Canada, we are the reference to find you the best deal you could get, we bring you the peace of mind whether for the international transaction or the international shipping, we can help.

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